Integrated Focus Approach: Align, Achieve and Attain Results


  • Integrated Focus customizes each Coaching Engagement to ensure the coaching exceeds the client's expectations.

  • The coaching focuses on each client's unique goals and leverages their personal and professional strengths.

  • Integrated Focus has the capacity to fulfill and “right-size” different size engagements depending on the organization’s requirements.


  • Exceeding expectations and attaining goals are key indicators of the success of the Integrated Focus Coaching Engagement.

  • Clients report improved performance, promotions, and better decision-making.

  • Organizations report improved business results: lower turnover, more productive employees, and increased customer satisfaction when leaders and managers benefitted from coaching.



  • The Coaching Engagement process includes a client-specific Coaching Plan, premium assessments and/or 360s as well as stakeholder interviews.

  • The Integrated Focus Engagement model positively impacts both the client and the organization.


Benefits of Coaching (B) = Career Benefits (CB) / Cost of the Coaching ($)

B = CB / $