Difficult People

Have you been on a project team or had a boss that did not listen? Did it occur to you that these people are “difficult”? Their mode of operation is control.

The number of difficult people is small, but their impact is large.

A difficult person is "overconfident" in their abilities and will push their "agenda". They do not listen to other people’s opinions. They come across overly correct or "right". They seem detached and disconnected. Difficult people want to gain control over people or situations.

What makes it difficult is that they do not respect normal boundaries; in fact, they will try to create barriers. They can sabotage a project or take credit for everyone else's work.

You are not alone. What makes a difficult person difficult is that they are hard to predict and understand.

Learn more about specific types of "difficult" people. Look for workshops and webinars on difficult people.

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