For 15 years Valerie Pelan, President and Founder of Integrated Focus has provided effective and goal-driven coaching to leaders, managers, professionals, and business owners who aspire to achieve and transform their current situation.

Do you have career and business goals that have not been achieved?

Coaching creates opportunities and choices


Coaching is dynamic and achieves results 

The top 4 reasons clients use Valerie as their Coach:

  • Leverage their strengths to improve performance

  • Improve self-confidence and decision making

  • Communicate effectively in complex organizational situations

  • Adapt and lead change initiatives


Integrated Focus' services are used by companies to:

  • Refine and improve leadership models

  • Maximize team leadership and employee engagement

  • Improve communication and collaboration skills

"Generations in the Workplace"

2019 at the Dallas Project Management Institute (PMI) Monthly Meeting.