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Assessments & 360s

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The most widely used personality assessment in the world. With a proven record of reliability spanning more than 50 years, it offers a foundation for understanding your personality and the way you think, communicate, and interact. The Personal Impact Report helps individuals understand their strengths and how they communicate. The "Z Model" helps teams effectively solve problems and use member strengths to achieve results.


Hogan Leadership Reports and 360s

The Hogan is a leading personality assessment used by organizations globally. Their Reports identify strengths and developmental needs of an individual. Hogan can used as a hiring tool as well as a career-coaching tool. The three part assessment package includes the HPI/Leadership Potential Report: a person’s day-to-day performance, response style and characteristics that will facilitate goal achievement; HDS/Leadership Challenge Report provides insight about performance during stressful conditions and characteristics that might impede goal attainment; and, MVPI/Leadership Values Report provides insight about work-related motivators and drivers. The Hogan 360 is based on the Hogan Lead Reports and enhances leadership development. There is also a team Report.


DISC Profile 

This assessment increases a person’s understanding of their communication style and their behaviors. The ability to interact effectively with different types of people can make a person more successful. The TTI version of the DISC is a well known assessment tool used by many companies and individuals to improve their communication in sales, as well as their roles as managers and leaders. The DISC can be combined with a "values" assessment and emotional intelligence assessment providing insights for coaching and career opportunities.


Mind Garden 360 (MLQ) for Transformational Leadership

The MLQ measures a broad range of leadership types from passive leaders, to leaders who give contingent rewards to followers, to leaders who transform their followers into becoming leaders themselves. The MLQ identifies the characteristics of a transformational leader and helps individuals discover how they measure up in their own eyes and in the eyes of those with whom they work. Success can be measured through a retesting program to track changes in leadership style.


360 Lominger Voices

Voices® 360° Feedback Interpretation provides leaders with the best insight into leadership skills.  This 360 assessment is rich in detail and provides insight into a wide range of leadership situations. The companion book, FYI, is used by Valerie to enhance coaching and work in specific developmental areas. Voices® is a research-based and experience-tested solution for delivering 360º feedback.


Winslow Behavioral Profile - Hiring Assessment

The Winslow Profile measures the personality, behavior, and attitudes of your employees. It provides feedback on the employee's behavior compared to the behavioral requirements for their specific position. It is also a validated and comprehensive personality assessment instrument that measures the 24 personality characteristics related to career success and personal contentment. This assessment helps people leverage their careers and job opportunities.

Thomas Kilmann Conflict Instrument - for Teams and Individuals

Become more aware of your own conflict style and recognize the conflict styles of others. Learn how to assess conflict situations and learn how to use different conflict modes to your advantage. There are two aspects of handling conflict which are a person’s assertiveness and cooperativeness in various situations.


The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) for Leadership Development: the best-selling and most trusted leadership tool of its generation. This celebrated instrument approaches leadership as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviors. The 360-degree tool helps individuals and organizations measure their leadership competencies, while guiding them through the process of applying Kouzes and Posner's acclaimed Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership model to real-life organizational challenges.