Client Success StoriesStudies show executive coaching is the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual and in teams, according to HR Monthly. The following case studies demonstrate the success that coaching has had for past clients. 

The Situation
  • Newly promoted Vice President was a Director for long time and was passed over several times. 

  • Direct reports liked him, but his hands-on approach stymied his career growth.

Current Leadership Style 
  • Upper management agreed to this “conditional” promotion but is expecting a leadership style change

  • Very competent and knowledgeable about the company and operations

  • He helped his direct reports “look good”

  • He is well-liked and highly networked into other parts of the company


Coaching Goals

Upper management wants to accelerate his shift in leadership style with Executive coaching.

  • 15-hour coaching engagement included 360 (stakeholder interviews and in-house 360)


Coaching Plan
  • Hold managers accountable to meet performance goals and shift leadership style from “doing” to “leading”

  • Become more comfortable with upper management and develop a strategic perspective

  • Collaborate with other Vice Presidents on company wide initiatives

  • Modify and adjust leadership style and improve executive presence


Coaching proved successful in changing his leadership style. He was highly motivated and focused on his Executive Presence and holding his direct reports accountable.

Client: Moves from Tactical to Strategic
The Situation
  • Impressive career path from High Potential to Vice President in relatively short time.

  • Recent organizational survey indicates this Vice President needs to focus on improving her peer relationships and supporting direct reports.


Current Leadership Style

  • Excellent with customers and accompanies the sales team to “close” the deal

  • Manages-up well

  • Direct reports gave mixed her reviews on Survey due to unreasonable deadlines and lack of career opportunities

  • She needs to lead a key organizational initiative and show she can collaborate well with peers

Coaching Goals

Upper management is concerned by the high turnover rate in her organization and lack of collaboration with other departments.

  • 20-hour coaching engagement and extensive 360 including stakeholder interviews


Coaching Plan
  • Adjust leadership style to balance “results” with “people management”

  • Incorporate Emotional Intelligence into leadership style

  • Support direct reports’ career development and work on succession planning

  • Take the lead to collaborate across the organization and work with peers 



She responded well to the coaching and embraced Emotional Intelligence skills. She worked on her internal "brand" and focused on motivating and engaging her employees. She lead several cross organization initiatives and proved to be a "team" player.

Client: Develops a 360
Approach to Leading
The Situation

Senior leader in an engineering department whose communication style had negative effects on his team and during project team meetings.


Current Leadership Style
  • This new leader had difficulty transitioning from technical communication to "leader" communication style

  • Other teams and senior engineers were leaving his organization

  • Upper management is starting to notice employee turnover


Coaching Goals

On the concern by upper management, his leader decided to engage coaching to focus on this leader's communication style and Executive Presence.

  • ​15-hour coaching engagement included 360 (stakeholder interviews and in-house 360)


Coaching Plan
  • Modify communication style to a more "personable" style

  • Gain awareness of how technical language can sometimes come across as impersonal

  • Provide Emotional Intelligence training and communication skill

  • Work on "leader" style from telling to engaging.



He was able to modify his communication style and recieved a more positive reaction on his listener's end. He also improved on cross organizational collaboration, and learned how to tone down his technical/lecture presentation style to one that was more personable but still informative.

Client: Technical Leader Moves from Telling to Engaging
The Situation​
Recent reorganizations and acquisition expanded this Vice President organization globally. His challenge is to provide consistent leadership and embrace “diversity” of backgrounds and skills sets.


Current Leadership Style
  • Approachable and dynamic with a balance between results and employee development

  • Good career and been promoted

  • Knowledgeable about United States operations and budgets


Coaching Goals

Upper management expects him to be a role model for global leadership as the company expands into new markets

  • 15-hour coaching engagement included 2 assessments

Coaching Plan
  • Develop a leadership style that promotes performance and employee engagement

  • Integrate all the different teams into a unified organization

  • Develop a “90-day Plan” to integrate and energize the new organization

  • Broaden business acumen to strategically integrate new teams into his organization



He worked on his 90 Day plan and develop organizational goals.  Over time he became more comfortable with managing global team. As a result, he was promoted to Senior Vice President and continue to lead  global team.

Client: Improves Global Team Engagement
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