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Coaching Success Stories:

  • Leadership coaching is the most effective means for achieving career growth

  • Coaching provides a forum to talk about your career 

Client: Moves from Tactical to Strategic
The Situation
  • A long-time Director had been passed over for promotion several times. 

  • His hands-on approach (too tactical) stymied his career growth.


Current Leadership Style 

  • Upper management agreed to a “conditional” promotion expecting him to take leadership skills courses

  • He helped his direct reports “look good” and get promoted

  • He is well-liked and highly networked into other parts of the company


Coaching Goals
  • Develop Executive Presence and Strategic Focus

  • 15-hour coaching engagement included 360 (stakeholder interviews and in-house 360)

  • Shift leadership style from “doing” to “leading”

  • Become more comfortable with upper management and develop a strategic perspective

  • Collaborate with other Vice Presidents on company-wide initiatives

Results - Leader Becomes More Strategic
  • More strategic leadership style

  • He is the role model for technical professionals moving from doing to leading

The Situation
  • Impressive career path from High Potential to Vice President in a relatively short time.

  • A recent organizational survey indicates she needs to improve peer relationships 


Current Leadership Style

  • Excellent with customers; accompanies the sales team to “close” the deal

  • Manages up well but direct reports give mixed reviews

  • She lacks experience leading key organizational initiatives and collaborating with peers

Coaching Goals
  • Reduce high turnover rate in her organization

  • 20-hour coaching engagement and extensive 360 including stakeholder interviews

  • Incorporate Emotional Intelligence skills into the leadership style

  • Support direct reports’ career development and work on succession planning

Results - Leader Focuses on Being a Role Model
  • Embraced Emotional Intelligence skills

  • Leads cross-organization initiatives and proved to be a "team" player.

Client: Develops a 360
Approach to Leading
Client: Technical Leader Moves from Telling to Engaging
The Situation
  • The engineering department leader was too directive and "micromanaged"


Current Leadership Style
  • This new leader had difficulty transitioning from technical communication to "leader" communication style

  • Upper management is starting to notice employee turnover


Coaching Goals
  • Coaching will focus on this leader's communication style and Executive Presence.

  • ​15-hour coaching engagement included 360 (stakeholder interviews and in-house 360)

  • Modify communication style to a more "personable" style

  • Gain awareness of how technical language can sometimes come across as impersonal

  • Move from telling to engaging


Results - Learned the Language of Leadership
  • Modified his communication style

  • Improved his cross-functional project management style

  • Learned how to delegate professionally and hold his employees accountable

The Situation​
  • Recent reorganizations expanded this Vice President's organization globally
  • Needs to provide consistent leadership and embrace “diversity” 


Current Leadership Style
  • Approachable and dynamic with a balance between results and employee development

  • Good career and been promoted

  • Knowledgeable about United States operations and budgets


Coaching Goals
  • Upper management expects him to be a role model for global leadership as the company expands into new markets

  • 15-hour coaching engagement included 2 assessments

  • Develop a leadership style that promotes diversity and employee engagement

  • Integrate all the different teams into a unified organization

  • Develop a “90-day Plan” to integrate and energize the new organization

Results - Promotion to Senior VP
  • He worked on his 90 Day plan and develop organizational goals

  • Managed global team more effectively

  • Promoted to Senior VP and to lead a global team

Client: Improves Global Team Engagement
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