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Coaching Success Stories:
  • Leadership coaching is the most effective means for achieving career growth

  • Coaching provides a forum to talk about your career 

Client: Moves from Tactical to Strategic
The Situation
  • A long-time Director had been passed over for promotion  

  • Hands-on approach stymied his career growth


Coaching Goals
  • Develop Executive Presence and Strategic Focus

  • 15-hour coaching engagement included 360 

  • Shift leadership style from “doing” to “leading”

  • Better managing up

Coaching Results - Leader Becomes More Strategic
The Situation
  • Impressive career from High Potential to Vice President 

  • Leadership style needs more Emotional Intelligence 

Coaching Goals
  • Reduce high turnover rate 

  • 20-hour coaching engagement and extensive 360 

  • Incorporate Emotional Intelligence skills into the leadership style

  • Support direct reports’ career development 

Results - Leader Focuses on Being a Role Model​
Client: Develops a 360
Approach to Leading
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